Wednesday, March 31, 2010

whew almost done!

Enough ranting about MyNursingLab.  I have decided that the topic now bores me.  It's obvious that whoever created it has no desire to fix whatever is broken. They only want to make the new version and charge people even more money for garbage.   Unless students wise up and do anything about it, they will simply have to consent to their money being taken by people who provide sub-standard quality.  If that's the way the students want it, that's how it's going to stay.

On to better things... today marks the last Performance Checklist in my Nursing Assessment Class.
It is a LONG checklist, but it's good to know that by tonight I will be free to just study for the final which is a month away.

For those interested in the checklists that we use in the head to toe assessment, I've provided links below. Ask me for stuff if you are interested.

I would post my video here, but for purposes of maintaining confidentiality, I will only provide it to students who want to see it.  A password will be required to view the video and I will only post it temporarily.

I did manage to find some good websites and youtube videos about nursing assessments: I will provide links here in the near future (translation: maybe next week or so).

So far, this has been an overall positive experience, occasionally, I have enjoyed it, except for the griping about MyNursingLab.  I might even have to consider taking a real pharmacology class because now I am really confused with this darn Adams book.  And to think that I expected and really wanted it to be a good experience, it has left a bad taste in my mouth.  I love pharmacology and really enjoy learning about drugs and their effects on physiology, since after all, I am a physio major and immensely enjoyed physiology.  If I had the money and didn't have to earn a living, I would get my PhD in Physiology except you can't make $$ on that these days unless you have published a zillion papers and become someone's research slave for about 6-10 yrs.    If money were no object, that's what I would do, but then reality kicks in... I want my kids to go to college, be high achievers in high school and also be responsible, caring and thoughtful individuals, so it is no longer about what I want.

I would give anything to be able to also stay home w/ the kids and teach them things and devote a lot of time to developing their science knowledge, encouraging math skills and also encouraging reading.  I try to do what I can, and have to rely on school to do the rest.  Once again, if money were no object -- I'd spend most of my life doing just that.

The distance learning program at Indiana State University is not as good as actually attending classes, but given my situation, it is a darn good program that I think has the potential to help many LVNs get their BSN degrees.  In so many ways, I am thankful to have found this program.  I hope I will be able to finish the 11 classes that I need to finish.

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