Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Nursing Lab - the saga continues

I received an email last week from My Nursing Lab. I just about fell over in my chair when I read the email. They addressed me as "Professor", and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the next version of My Nursing Lab.

Is this a joke? I thought...I was even madder than I could ever imagine myself to be.  The only thing I had done was try to contact them several times through the feedback link of their website, and now suddenly I am a professor?  LOL

Anyway, I responded that I was not a professor -- just a student who had access to more than one textbook, hence being able to pinpoint which part of their textbook & accompanying software was incorrect.  It certainly wasn't that hard.

Then it turned into a business proposition -- except I could not accept the offer because no way was I going to spend time looking at that stuff when I know that it makes me sooooo mad to think that they would be selling a product that had more errors than swiss cheese has holes.


Oh well -- I pointed out their errors, told them to go fix it and not be in such a rush to charge money next time.  We'll see if they listen...

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