Monday, February 15, 2010

Typos in Textbooks

I never noticed before but these days I'm finding a few more errors in textbooks and so called websites that are suppposed to help you study and learn things.

Here's an example of a silly question

"The nurse has administered a drug that is highly protein-bound and unerstands wich effect will occur?"
Select all that apply:

Breast milk.

HUH??? I paid $75 for access to this?

Another example:

History of Ethics as discussed in a nursing textbook:

400-300 BC - Plato, Aristotle, Early Christians
400-300 BC - Hippocrates

??? Last time I checked, there were no Early Christians in 300 BC because Jesus hadn't been born yet.

A third example of an NCLEX-RN problem (!)

An appropriately stated goal for a client w/ Type 1 diabetes mellitus is:
1. The nurse will teach the client to recognize & respond to signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia prior to discharge.
2. The client will demonstrate self-injection of insulin, using a preloaded syringe, into the subcutaneous tissue of the thigh prior to discharge.
3. The nurse will teach the client to accurately draw up the insulin dose in a syringe.
4. The client will be able to self-manage his diabetic diet and medications.

Answer: 2
Rationale: Clients must be able to swallow without difficulty to take pills, capsules, and enteric-coated tablets. Clients should be able to sit up to swallow medications Enteral drugs are not added to IV fluid. Cognitive Level: Analysis. Nursing Process: Assessment Client Need: Physiological Integrity.


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