Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Care plan

My first official care plan is currently about halfway through. The bad part is that it cost me $60 for the darn book. I didn't think I needed one but the care plan needed to have references. And so, in my rush to get things done, I bought a book so I could say I used one and cite references from it. In reality, 3 pages out of a few hundred. I should really just borrow a book from the library, but I just wanted to get this over with right now.

I need to identify 2 nursing diagnoses and a bunch of interventions. The truth is, it's not a hard assignment. It's just darn expensive and tedious. You would think that for $60 it would write itself.

Another thing-- It says in the requirements that the student has to provide an assessment as to whether or not the outcomes were met. Here's the actual text:

VII. Evaluation
1. Include the date of the evaluation.
2. Make an entry discussing where the client is at this time in relation to EACH desired outcome.
3. Then, identify if the goal has been:
(this is based upon your discussion of the desired outcomes)
4. Then, identify what you will do with the plan of care:

VIII. Documentation
1. Make a charting entry that includes each of the interventions in the plan.
2. Chart how the intervention was performed for your client.
3. If you did not perform the intervention for the client, then chart how you would have performed the intervention.
4. Include the date, time, the entry and your signature.

Go figure- do they think anyone with half a brain would write an intervention or outcome that could not be met on an imaginary subject? And what do we really write ? Are we supposed to make up the assessment? I dunno -- I think I'll go to bed.

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